Role-playing Games

Ironspine has published role-playing games in Finnish since 2006. So far we have published five RPG books and more is coming. We are currently working on our first English RPG, Hyperstorm, and translating Astraterra.

Finnish RPGs


by Miska Fredman

Published 2006, Available only in Finnish


Heimot (Tribes) is a dark science fiction RPG about outcast heroes in far future where humanity is divided into nine tribes ruling the known space after a cataclysmic event called the Collapse 500 years ago. Outside the borders of the tribal space, there are the lawless frontier worlds and the ruined alien infested colonies.

E.N.O.C. – Operaatio Eisenberg

by Miska Fredman & Samuli Ahokas

Published 2009, Available only in Finnish


E.N.O.C. – Operaatio Eisenberg (E.N.O.C. – Operation Eisenberg) is an occult action roleplaying game including pre-made characters and a scenario that can be played as a stand-alone one-shot or as a pilot to a longer campaign. E.N.O.C. (Extra-Normal Operations and Control) is a secret global organization established after the Second World War during the years of the Cold War. Since then E.N.O.C. and it’s extraordinary agents have taken care of supernatural and unexplainable threats around the world.

The player characters together form an agent cell that is an independently operating unit. They are called on site if E.N.O.C. investigators or psychic monitors detect an extra-normal threat that can only be dealt with force.

The rulebook includes a short description of the setting, rules, pre-generated characters and an adventure that can be played as a stand-alone scenario or as a pilot for a longer campaign.

Generian Legendat – Valontuojat

by Samuli Ahokas & Miska Fredman

Published 2011, Available only in Finnish


Generian Legendat – Valontuojat (Legends of Generia – The Lightbringers) is a high-fantasy dungeon crawling RPG.

Generia is a vast subterranean world inhabiting dwarves, gnomes, orcs, elves and humans alongside many other creatures and races inhabiting the endless natural and built caverns of the Generian underland. Countless generations ago civilized cultures of Generia fled into underground lairs and strongholds from a terrible enemy unknown to most mortals.

As generations passed, underground lairs grew into great cities lit by magic lights and glowbolete – luminescent mushrooms growing at the cavern ceilings. Tunnel-routes between the great races were established, alliances were formed and wars waged until the Goblin Wars begun. Goblins were a common threat that united all the civilized races of Generia. Many cities, temples and mines were lost to these irritating little creatures before their leader was slain and the goblins spread around the caverns. Many of these lost places are still full of treasures and this is where the player characters step in. In the underlands of Generia any adventurer courageous, strong or resourceful enough, has lots of places to explore, monsters to slay and treasures to loot.

The rulebook includes a short description of the setting, rules, pre-generated characters and an adventure that can be played as a stand-alone scenario or as a pilot for a longer campaign.


by Manfred M. Sika & Sulo H. Maasika

Published 2011, Available only in Finnish


Kärpänen (The Fly) is a humoristic small RPG definitely not for serious people.

You are a fly and with your friends you will embark on an epic journey through the house and the outer space of the backyard. Your destination is the fabled El Compostado. A paradise on earth where flies live forever. But your odyssey will not be without a peril. There are other vicious bugs like spiders, ants, wasps and even the dreaded headless zombie-flies that are on your way. And that’s not all. There are also deadly traps and supernatural phenomena such as deadly gas clouds and mysterious hypnotic lights that will burn you alive if you go too close. Do you have what it takes to reach the mythical El Compostado alive?

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