Chthonian Highways Playtest Kit Available Now!


Chthonian Highways is a tabletop role-playing game set in a world where nightmarish creatures have ravaged the Earth and otherworldly landscapes have merged with ours. We recently released an alpha version of the game for open playtesting.

Download the Playtest Kit

The latest version is a is a playable prototype of Ironcore Engine including a brief description of the setting, rules, character creation and a single ready-to-play scenario for 2 to 4 players.

You can read more about Chthonian Highways and download the  playtest kit for free from the Chthonian Highway’s own page HERE.

Please note that the document is still in development and only partially proofread.

Your Feedback Matters

For now you can give feedback by sending it through the contact form or by sharing it in our Google+ Community. If you like, you can provide the names of the GM and the players participating in the playtesting of Chthonian Highways along with your feedback. We will add the names into the list in the game’s credits. At this phase all feedback is valuable to us.


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